How can I get a finished look on the edging of a tiled shower?
As soon as we chose a tile for our shower walls, we discover that there is no bull nose to match our selection; is there another answer to refinishing our tile walls? The "box" stores seem to limit us on what we like.
Submitted by rham_14

Oh, drat. A common lament from the big box shopper.  Don’t get me wrong, they have their place and I love and patronize them, but this is exactly the kind of thing folks run into and there is no one equipped to help. Check on the boxes you have or that they have in the store.  Hopefully you can get info on the manufacturer and then contact their website to direct you to a tile supplier who will have access to the full line.  Hopefully that will do it.  If not, bring them a few tiles and I ‘m sure they will be able to hook you up with a good solution for your dilemma.

Community Answers (2)

My store has a thin metal strip to edge tile where there is no bullnose.
Submitted by sfluegel