How do I frame a ceiling for my basement shower?
We are installing a bathroom in the basement. There are various existing pipes to go around. Part of the framing for the pipes is in the 40-inch 2-sided glass shower stall. This would make for a ceiling in the shower stall that is two heights. Or should the ceiling be made to be one height and thus lower the height of the entire ceiling in the shower? The other thought was to make the ceiling in the shower area one height, but match the shape and dimensions of the shower base.
Submitted by kpnaylor

A dropped or lowered ceiling is very common in basement remodels.  They key to making this look acceptable is to match the ceiling as best you can to some architectural component of the room.  If you were to match up the lower ceiling just over the shower I would think that will look a good deal better than just having it around the pipe.