How do I add privacy to my yard?
We live on a corner lot. Our neighbors on both sides can see everything we do on our deck in the back yard. How can we gain some privacy without making it look to obvious.
Submitted by kcsj1



Thanks for writing. You have a couple of choices:

> You can put up a fence. This is usually the most instant way of creating privacy.
> You can plant a hedge. This may take quite a while to provide the privacy you wish for, especially if you start with small plants.
> You can plant shrubs or small trees in strategic locations (so they don't take out the entire view, but they do block the sightlines to key areas).
> You can put up structures (arbors, trellises, pergolas, a garden shed, large pieces of garden art, etc.) in strategic locations to block key views.

Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by CostaFarms