Is an insect causing my croton's leaves to droop?
I have a brightly colored, waxy-leaf houseplant that I believe is a croton. It sits in a sunny spot in our garden room. I only water it when the leaves start to droop. The problem is the new leaves drop as soon as they appear. The old leaves are intact. Is an insect causing this problem?
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Croton (Codiaeum variegatum pictum) is a true tropical plant from Malaysia and India, so it thrives in sunny locations where temperatures hit the 80s during the day and stay at least in the high 60s at night. Cold drafts of air cause plants to drop leaves. Investigate the air seals in your garden room. Do you have cold air that's blowing onto plants? During the summer, even central air-conditioning could cause the problem. Low humidity can also cause leaves to fall. Boost humidity around the plant with a room humidifier.

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I have a nice dark green leafy plant. The edges of the leaves be turning brown.Why?
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