Can you help me design an easy to construct compost bin?
I am interested in different styles of compost bins that are easy to construct. I want to make one and need some designs to choose from. What would you suggest?
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You can make a compost bin from just about anything. One consideration, though, is how important it is for your compost bin to look attractive. If it's tucked away in the back corner of your yard, appearance may be a low priority. If it's in full view of the deck, you may want to spend a little more cash to build a state-of-the-art bin. Here are some suggestions. Wrap snow fence around a square of metal stakes for a good, quick compost bin. Stack concrete blocks in a square several feet high. Stand four pallets on end and wire them together. Make a ring of woven wire fencing. You can also go to and search for "compost bin" to see a simple bin to build.

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I bought a 33 gal black plastic trash can and lid. I drilled holes about every 4-6inches apart around the bottom and sides to just below the handles.I did not drill the lid. About 1-2 times a week I tilt and roll the can ad clippings water or if I open it up and it stinks to bad I will throw in a couple scoops of dirt.I do not know if i am doing it right but it seems to be working for me.oh yeah I chose the black can because i live on the oregon coast so it dont get real hot here.Hope it helps.
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