When should I start my vegetable seedlings?
How soon before the last frost should I start my vegetable seedlings for transplanting outdoors?
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Starting seeds indoors is a good way to get a jump on the growing season. You can plant them as little as 3 weeks or as long as 3 months before the last frost. Use this chart to help you decide how many weeks before your region's last frost date you can start your seeds to have them ready for transplanting outdoors at the right time. Artichoke 4-6 weeks to transplant size - Asparagus plant 2-3 year old roots- Broccoli 5-7 weeks Brussels sprouts 4-6 Cabbage 5-7 Cauliflower 5-7  Chives 6-8 Collards 4-6 Cucumber 4 Eggplant 6-9 Endive 4-6 Kale 4-6 Kohlrabi 4-6  Lettuce 3-5 Muskmelon 3-4 Okra 4-6 Onion seed 12 Pepper 6-8 Spinach 6-8 Squash 3-4 Tomato 5-7 Watermelon 3-4

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