How do I make candy that's not granular?
Is there something I can add to my candy - brittle, caramel, meringue, fudge to make it less granular. Living in the moist rainy Pacific Northwest does not give me many sunny days for candy making!
Submitted by ksrohde01

There are several factors that contribute to proper sugar crystal formation in candy, and temperature and moisture are 2 of the factors. So, yes it can be hard to make candy on a hot, humid day. But there are other things we need to make sure are done properly as well. Thermometers need to be properly calibrated before each use (place in boiling water; should register 212°F. If not, add or subtract to the final cooking temperature of the candy accordingly). Saucepans need to be the correct size for the correct concentration of the sugar mixture. Stirring or not stirring according to the recipe is important, as agitation will affect sugar crystal formation.

Answered by BHGFood
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I find when I make candy I use ONLY cane sugar. Whenever I used beet sugar the candy would not harden. So I never buy beet sugar in case I want to make candy.
Submitted by Rnosha