I have celiac disease. What are some gluten-free recipes?
I have celiac disease. I would like some recipes that are gluten-free.
Submitted by BHGFood

We do not have a collection of gluten-free recipes. We always recommend visiting with your doctor and dietitian for recipes that will fit into your special diet.

Answered by BHGFood
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Yeah--I was also looking forward to help fromBHG; guess I've misunderstood you value in helping subscribers needing answers. Too bad I didn't ask about flowers!
Submitted by shirlban

Disgraceful response, especially with the number of coelac Australians increasing every day. Each state has a Coeliac Society with whom people can get in touch, great for the newly diagnosed. Poor form BHG !!
Submitted by amanda1653

I agree, i am VERY disappointed inthe response. I would hope that Better Homes and Gardens would try to help everyone . If that is the case I will cancel my subscription.
Submitted by cheryl.beswick

I'm very disappointed as well. Most of your recipes are really nice, BUT, my local foodstore was more helpful than Better Homes & Gardens. This is a national issue with alot of people who are allergic (and growing) 1 - 300 at least! It should be explored, really.
Submitted by bluemountain194

I'm disappointed as well. My daughter needs gluten free, egg free, dairy free and it's really tough finding recipes.
Submitted by carolmt4972

Wow, I am very surprised with BH&G supplying that answer. I don't have a gluten intolerence but I have company coming for Xmas that does. Therefore, I was looking for some recipes I could make and came across this response. It would have been a little more sensitive to state BH&G has not ventured into that area as yet.
Submitted by cookit2

Nice comment BHG - guess you don't really want me or others needing gluten free options to bookmark your site! Too bad - if you did much research you would find there are many foods that are naturally gluten free - so it wouldn't take much effort to include that tidbit of info in your recipes. I was thoroughly enjoying your site until I searched for "gluten free" and read your post - as soon as I quit ranting, I'll explore some other non-BHG site!!!
Submitted by kpassarelli1821

I've made sponge recipe with cornflour and potato flour with fair results.It is a bit dry
Submitted by katherinefishl

gulten free recipes
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