Can I use olive oil in baking?
Can I use olive oil in baking?
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You can substitute olive oil for other cooking oils in most baked recipes, such as quick breads or brownies. Olive oil does have a stronger flavor than some other oils, which may affect the flavor of the baked product. You might want to try using half olive oil and half vegetable oil. Or, if it is the health benefits you are after, try using all canola oil. Canola oil has many of the health benefits that olive oil has, plus it is lighter in flavor.

Answered by BHGFood
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We made brownies with olive oil, by accident and did not tell anyone. Surprise, everyone loved them and said that they were one of the best tasting brownies they had. Now all we use is olive oil !!!!
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You can substitute butter or other oils in your recipes for olive oil, it's a great way of making cakes, cookies or brownies more healthy. Contrary to popular belief, olive oil can very well be used for cooking and baking. It has a sufficiently high smoke point and it is a relatively stable fat. We prefer to use sweet almond oil by the way. It is just as healthy but the aroma of almond goes better with sweet stuff. You can find out more about healthy oils here:
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No, nobody can use "olive oil" for baking on high temperatures or anything of heating up OLIVE OILS!!! Olive Oils are "cancerous" when heated up!!!
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I bake exclusively with olive oil. It will make your breads and cakes light and extremely moist. I use fused and infused olive oil to provide extra flavor, ie: Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil for my Creme-Sickle cake. It must be of course GOOD EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. 69% of those grocery store varieties labeled "Extra Virgin" are just "Virgin", according to a study done by UC Davis in 2010.....and some of them contained a form of lamp oil. Yes, it's true and disheartening.
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a light olive oil is a safe alternative. I wouldn't use Canola - it's toxic. Did you know animals won't even graze on it? The refining process (chemical) Canola goes through to produce an edible product is extensive and it doesn't come close to being as good for you as olive oil. A cold pressed olive oil is the best.
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Yes it was very helpful. I have some that call for vegetable oil and don't really like to use that.
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I use only olive oils in all baking and cooking needs. I find that the extra virgin light oils (Bertolli is my favorite brand)consistently give great flavor in all my dishes and salads. I prefer the extra virgin olive oil with a stronger flavor for meats and roasted vegetables also for pasta, or adding spices to make my own dipping oils for artisan breads.
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Yes, it was helpful.
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