Can you really grow strawberries in a pot?
Can you really grow strawberries in a pot? I've always planted them in the garden, but I saw a pretty strawberry pot at the local nursery and I'm wondering if that actually works.
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One of the best things about strawberries (besides eating them with ice cream and shortcake, of course) is that you can grow them in just about any sunny home garden. With a strawberry jar you can grow these delicious berries on a balcony or patio too. Start by filling the pot with good-quality potting soil. As the soil level reaches one of the pot's pockets, put in a strawberry plant. Continue until you reach within an inch of the top of the pot. Then plant a couple of plants at the top. Place the pot in a sunny location and keep it well watered. Because these strawberries are not set in the ground, you'll have to water them more often than the ones you have in your garden. In cold climates, the jars will need extra protection from winter cold.

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