Can you give me some information on 'Greenlane' euonymus?
Can you give me some information on 'Greenlane' euonymus? It appears on a landscape blueprint of my yard. I assume it is a ground cover.
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Wintercreeper, or Euonymus fortunei 'Greenlane', is an evergreen shrub that often grows as a ground cover. It grows well in partial shade, but tolerates full shade. Although the young plants may be small, they mature to 3-4 feet tall and spread to 6 feet. Wintercreeper is hardy in Zones 5-9. These plants aren't for every garden though: They're considered invasive in some areas because they might escape from gardens and naturalize in the wild. Wintercreeper has been added to several invasive plant lists. Check with your county extension service to find whether it's all right to grow it in your yard. v

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