Can I plant anything rabbit resistant?
Rabbits plague my garden. As soon as I plant something, they chew it down. Could I plant something that they won't immediately devour?
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Thanks for writing. There are no plants that are truly rabbit proof, but there are many which are rabbit resistant. In general, plants with strongly scented foliage (most herbs, bee balm, catmint, etc.) are left alone by rabbits, as are plants that have very fuzzy or hairy foliage (lamb's ears), as well as highly poisonous plants (hellebores, monkshoods, angel's trumpet, castor bean, etc.).


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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I am a novice gardener in the Northwest, and found, entirely by accident, that planting garlic and onion alternately around the perimeter of the garden kept both deer and rabbits away. I also have five beagles! :)
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