How do I grow sweet potatoes?
How do I grow sweet potatoes?
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Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) is easy to grow if you have plenty of space in your garden. It is a tender, warm-season plant that requires a long growing season in order to produce mature large edible roots. Grow sweet potatoes from young plants called "slips." Plant them 12-18 inches apart in rows 3-4 feet apart after the soil warms up in spring. Plant in raised beds or ridges; these soil ridges warm up earlier in spring and drain better than a level planting area. Harvest will also be easier for plants grown in ridges. Harvest sweet potatoes just before the first fall frost. Carefully dig under the roots to lift them. To cure the roots for storage, place them in a warm (85 F), humid location for 10-14 days. Then store them at 55 F for up to 4 months.

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How do I grow a sweet potato vine as an ornamental house plant? I remember a teacher who had one in her classroom, and we all loved it.
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