How do I grow asparagus?
I love asparagus but have never grown it. I think I want to try this year, but the instructions I've seen make it seem really hard with special planting techniques and double digging (whatever that is). Can I just plant it like I would a tomato?
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Asparagus is actually pretty easy to grow --- it needs a spot in full sun and moist, well-drained soil in order to do well.


You often hear about special techniques for planting it, but they're not really necessary. The one thing to know about asparagus, though, is that it's often sold in spring as a bare-root plant, meaning you buy just the roots. Soak them in water for a few hours to rehydrate them, then dig a hole and make a cone-shaped pile of soil in the middle. Set the roots on the cone of soil, then fill in around them. This helps make sure you don't get big air spaces around the roots that could dry them out.


Don't harvest your asparagus the first year and then only harvest it lightly the second year. The asparagus spears become the stems and leaves; it's important for it to gather lots of energy the first few seasons so you can enjoy good crops of asparagus for years to come.


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Dig a shallow trench and put some mulch in the bottom. Plant the asparagus roots, spread the roots then cover and pat down and water. They produce for years and will multiply. Fertilize annually. Will start to sprout in mid april. Depending on weather.
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You buy asparagus roots, 3 to 5 years old hopefully. Plant them in hills, fan out the roots and bury. The 1st year let it all go to seed. The next year you can cut the asparagus in the spring. Then let it seed out over the summer. I had a great bed in WI, we are told asparagus will grow here in New Mexico too. I have bought roots from mailorder gardening or a home store and it all worked well. Live in a cold area put mulch over your bed for the winter. Have Fun - Not Hard!
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