Where is the best place to plant wisteria, and what extra care does it need?
I'd like to get a wisteria vine for my yard. Can you tell me where would be the best place to plant it, and what care it needs?
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There are some 50 wisteria varieties available to gardeners, but not all are suited to every garden. If you have a small garden or lack a sturdy structure on which to grow wisteria, substitute a smaller vine, such as Kentucky wisteria (Wisteria macrostachya) or American wisteria (W. frutescens). The Asian species Chinese wisteria (W. sinensis) and Japanese wisteria (W. floribunda) are considered invasive in many areas, especially the East. The American forms are smaller and don't grow as quickly, making them better suited to small gardens. Wisteria can be invasive in the garden and is difficult to get rid of once established. To help restrain the plant's spreading root system, plant it in a courtyard where the roots can't escape into other areas or in a large container that you then place in the ground.

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I have this vine. It is beautiful, but you'll be worn out triing to keep it at bay. shoots come up everywhere and it tries to strangle any plant that gets in its way.I suggest not planting it!I love my clematis and jasmine they are sweet and easy to grow.
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