How can I help my bougainvilleas bloom more?
I've had spotty luck with bougainvilleas. This year I bought a new one, which was beautiful, but now all the blooms are gone. How do I make sure it does well?
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The delicate beauty of bougainvillea can be deceiving, because this plant needs rather harsh conditions to bloom well. In addition to a site that gets at least a half day of baking sun, bougainvillea should rarely receive water beyond the month after it is transplanted. Fertilize your plants twice a year, using a high-potassium, low-nitrogen fertilizer (the first number on the fertilizer package is nitrogen; the third number is potassium). When bougainvillea fails to bloom, it is usually due to too little sun, too much water, or too much nitrogen fertilizer. The bougainvillea bloom season stretches from December to September, depending on the cultivar.

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Another way to make a bougainvillea bloom is to prune the branches after it has finished blooming in the fall or after the first frost. The new growth should produce plenty of blooms. Bob
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