In our partially shaded yard, how can we kill moss and what kind of grass seed will grow best in its place?
Our backyard, which is partially shaded, is mostly moss. How do we kill the moss, and how long do we have to wait before we can plant grass? What kind of grass seed do you recommend for partial shade?
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The concern here is that if moss is growing instead of grass, it probably means that the area is better suited to moss than grass. You can check with your local garden center for moss killers. However, to eliminate the moss and prepare the yard for grass, change the backyard’s growing conditions. Moss prefers shady, moist, and acidic conditions. Change these environmental factors, and you may be able to promote the growth of grass over that of moss. Can you trim some of the trees to increase sunlight in the area? Is it possible to improve the drainage? Does the soil need lime to raise the pH? If you can’t alter any of these conditions, grass may never grow well there. A shade-tolerant ground cover may be a better solution.

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My mother has moss and she puts lime on it to control it
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have you heard of using newspapers to kill off unwanted weeds and moss in a wet climate?
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