Sick Indian Hawthorne Shrubs??
I am on a landscape committee for my community. No one can figure out what is wrong with these Rhaphiolepis shrubs. They look terrible, dry, leggy, never bloom, yellowish leaves and I believe they are supposed to be the "PInk Lady" version. I live in Valencia, CA and our soil here has a high clay content. Do you have any recommendations and or advice on what to do to get these shrubs looking healthy and bloomimg???" Are these shrubs sick??? .:-( I wish I could attach a photo.
Submitted by susandorman

The first place I'd look is the soil, and see if it is consistently either too wet or too dry. Both could cause the anemic, yellowish look you describe. It's important not to just look at the soil surface. If possible, pull up one of the bushes, and see what the soil is like 6 to 12 inches down, where the roots are. That may answer your question, and the solution -- if it really is about water -- might involve nothing more than adjusting sprinkler times to longer or shorter intervals.
Answered by EricLiskey