Garden Plan from page 116, April 2012 issue

Hi there! I've saved page 116 of the April 2012 issue because I hoped to copy the garden. I'm ready to start - but I've just realized that there isn't a plant list! I recognize some of the flowers but not all. Is there a quick list/page/plan you could direct me to, or should I just take the page to my nursery? I've recently moved to Kalamazoo, MI and I think I've seen these plants in my zone. Thank you for the continued inspiration!! LibbyP

Submitted by bobbyandlibby

I don't have a plan for that specific photo, but here's what's in it:

The low edger is ageratum, with some dusty miller and annual vinca behind it. All annuals

Then the taller purple spiky stuff right behind it is all annual salvia.

The big yellow daisies are black eyed susan (Rudbeckia).

Everything else is out of focus and I'm not sure I can ID them.  The big pink thing in the background might be garden phlox though.
Hope that helps!

Answered by EricLiskey
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Thank you!! I planted black eyed susans and phlox today!
Submitted by bobbyandlibby