What to do with north facing front lawn full of weed and moss?

What should I do with a front lawn (15 " x 14" north facing and sloping down towards the house. The lawn is full of weeds and moss. We got rid of the moss but I'm getting tired of replacing the sod each time. We have changed the sod three times and it's getting expensive and tiresome. I do not want to resort to an artificial lawn. How can I get rid of the moss and the weeds? Should I amend the soil and cover the whole area with new top soil and then plant all over the area?

Submitted by lottyh

You don't say how shady the site is, but that is a big factor determining the best course of action. If it's reasonably sunny, you can probably bring the other problems under control by encouraging the grass. But without sun, the grass will always be thin and weak, which makes it easy for moss and weeds to thrive. So, if it's sunny, use pre-emergent weed controls (and post emergents, if needed) for the weeds. And a moss killer for the moss. Meanwhile, find out if there are any issues affecting the grass. Drainage, pH, compacted soil, etc. Correct anything that's out of kilter and be sure to keep the mowing  height high, and fertilize. If the site is shady, then it's possible that it's simply too dark for grass to thrive. In that case, you might consider putting in a shade perennial garden instead. Hostas, Lamium, and so forth. Then you wouldn't have to fight it all the time.

Answered by EricLiskey