Should I cull some fruit from Meyer lemon tree?

I have a mature Meyer lemon tree in a very large pot. The tree is loaded with fruit. Every branch has at least 2 to 5 lemons. Should I take off some of the fruit so the others can grow larger? Thanks, Sue Kigtlinger Kingwood Texas

Submitted by skightlinger830560

It might be a good idea to thin a few. It will allow the tree to mature them more quickly, grow them larger. Also, sometimes the fruit load on small trees gets so large that branches start to split from the weight. That said, don't be too aggressive in your thinning.  Citrus trees can produce a surprising number of fruit. Be sure to leave it with a fairly  full crop.

Answered by EricLiskey
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My tree is 4 years old and it is also loaded with fruit this year. I won't cull until I see what's growing and hopefully it will be fine. The tree was sold as a Meyer lemon but I noticed it has thorns. Do Meyers have thorns?
Submitted by mmrblingle