How do I get rid of grass on a Hill and start a wild flower patch.. Its huge!! 20'/ft wide X 60'/ft Long.

Hello All!! :) I am near Columbus, Ohio.. I live out in the country, and up on a hill :) I am wanting to plant Wild Flowers on our hill that faces the road. Its a steep hill, and we can't get mower on it to mow.. So I was wondering how to start a wild flower garden.. I want all kinds of flowers on this huge wide hill.. I want all kinds of Perennials, and wild flowers.. First Question.. How do I kill the grass?.. Or how would I go about starting something like this..?? I would like to get the pretty pink and purple flowers that multiply and crawl across your hill.. I don't know what they are called.. Lol Can anyone please help me with this new project I am wanting to start?.. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!! :) Thank you in advance for your time! :) Area Size: 20 ft WIDE X 60' ft LONG

Submitted by kerrydingledine

Roundup is the easiest way. Non-chemical methods include laying down plastic sheeting or similar for several weeks. That's a big area to do that to, but that's another option, possibly. I dont' really know what's there now, so it's hard to define what steps you should take. A true wildflower planting might not require you to kill off the existing vegetation. But a more manicured border planting woudl work better if you did a complete kill.

Answered by EricLiskey