Planting fruit tree after pine tree removal

Today we've cut down a very large pine tree in our yard. I would like to plant an apple tree in that spot. What should I do to amend the soil and how soon could I plant the apple tree? I already have a bare root dwarf tree on order, so if I can't plant it soon, could I plant it in a container first until the spot is ready, or should I pick a different spot for it altogether? Thanks for your help!

Submitted by jeanetteinohio

Amend with compost, by tilling several inches in. Pine trees often create hydrophobic soil, which doesn't accept water very well. Amending with compost will help that. They also can acidify soil quite a bit, so it might be worth checking pH just to see. A somewhat acidic soil won't hurt, but an extremely low pH might be problematic. What the pine tree did in that regard depends on your soil, so I can't tell you if it is or isn't a problem. Just that it's worth checking. If extremely low, say below 5, then add some lime to raise it.

Answered by EricLiskey