How can I fix multiple issues in my yard?

I seem to have a very unique backyard and although I've done some research, I cannot find a way to fix it (last resort will be paying for a lawn company). My issue(s): Upon moving into our house, my husand and I noticed during heavy rain, there is low soil through the middle of our yard, that puddles at the bottom of our deck. We also have two active dogs that use the middle of the yard to run through creating their path. How can I fix these issues so I can have grass in the yard? thanks!!

Submitted by angielaah

Water always flows down hill, so if you fill in  low spots, the water will go somewhere else. So, regrading is one common way to fix surface water problems. The puddling also suggests your soil doesn’t allow water to percolate very well. That might be tougher to fix, but some people install a dry well, which is just a big hole (maybe a foot wide and 3-4 feet deep) filled with gravel. This is supposed to give the water an easier route through the compacted soil.

As far as the dogs are concerned, they can defeat any planting of turf or   ornamentals. So, you can install a path where they run, or confine them.  But there’s no point try to grow lawn where they constantly run. 

Answered by CostaFarms