Is there anything we can use to keep cats out of our yard?
Our new home is on a street that's home to outdoor pet cats. The cats use our mulch as a litter box, they leave dead rodents behind our shrubs, and their screeching awakens us nightly. I've tried cat scat mats, and they work well. Is there anything else we can do to keep cats out of our yard?
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Most municipalities now have regulations about cats at large. Research this topic with your local city government or call your animal control officer for information. Chances are that you can legally catch cats at large and haul them off to the shelter. The animal control officer may help you with this. Otherwise, you could try several cat-scaring methods. Motion-sensor-triggered contraptions that spray water at animal intruders or emit high-frequency sounds can also keep cats at bay. Repellents work well in many situations. Try a liquid formula that you apply with a hose-end sprayer. Or purchase covered repellent holders that you fill with puffed rice impregnated with repellent oil. The covering protects the repellent from the weather, so it lasts longer.

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"Catch cats at large and haul them off to the shelter"?! These may well be pet cats that are loved dearly, and their people just allow them to go outdoors sometimes. A cat that goes into a shelter has a very high chance of being euthanized, or if it happens to be really lucky it will be adopted, but either way its human family will likely never see it again! I always keep my cat indoors, but many people don't. Have a heart! Use the repellents!
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Cayenne pepper works great foe most animals.
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also can get moth balls or cayenne pepper i have heard works also.
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Names of plant repellents
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