Tilling my garden and weeds

I have a lot of weeds in my garden at this time. I wanted to know if i have to remove them before i till the soil ? this year i will be using a Landscaping fabric or a Polypropylene Ground Cover to keep them out . thanks for your help

Submitted by njim2614

Hi! Thanks for writing. It depends a bit on what types of weeds you have. Most annual weeds will be killed by tilling, but you can inadvertently make the problem worse if you have a lot of perennial weeds because they have tougher root systems, and some varieties may come back from small pieces of roots. Also, tilling brings seeds to the top of the soil --- and that can make the problem just as bad the next year. One thing you might consider is cutting all the weeds back with a lawn mower or string trimmer, watering the area well, then covering with clear plastic. Leave it for a couple of months in summer; the heat that builds up will kill most weed roots as well as the seeds.

Personally, I don't like the use of the landscaping fabric. It seems like a good idea, but in my experience it's actually made it harder to pull the weeds that do sprout because the weeds that grow on top of the fabric send their roots down and through it.

Answered by CostaFarms