Christmas Cactus & Poinsettias

I live in it safe to leave Christmas Cactus on the screen porch for the winter? Also, I transplanted 3 poinsettias from last year in a big pot....its really that safe on the screen porch? At what temperature should plants be broght inside? I also have 2 green pepper plants that are on the outside do I protect those in the winter? Thnaks for any help.

Submitted by foster921

Thanks for writing. None of hte plants you mention tolerate frost --- so if temperatures drop into the 30s, you'll need to bring them inside  or find a way to give them a little extra protection. With the peppers, you could try bringing them inside if you have a VERY sunny window; they can continue to produce if they get enough light. Most homes, however, don't provide enough light for the plants to thrive.

Answered by CostaFarms