Indoor plants leaves are dried and burned out

I live in condo and we have central heater in main room, so i have kept Humidifier on. My problem is I don't know much about plants and how to save their life during winter. Many of of my indoor plants leaves are dried and burned out. Few weeks ago, I bought reflector, Dimmable Ballast with 1 x 600W Metal Halide Bulb and 1 x 600W High Pressure Sodium Bulb. I am afraid to use this artificial light. I really appreciate if you suggest to save most of my plants.

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Thanks for writing. Without being able to see your plants, I can't tell you what the problem is, but I can tell you to make sure they're getting good light, and are drying out somewhat between waterings. Don't let your plants wilt between waterings; let the top inch or so of your potting mix dry out before the next time you water. If the air is really dry, grouping your plants togther near the humidifier can help. Plant leaves naturally humidify the air as a part of their breathing process, so if you have them together, they can help each other out.

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I suggest you use an artificial light that can help your indoor plants to grow well. You can check out for more options on artificial light.
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