Can Icut the bottom of the planter off and plant my shrubs?

I have a couple of large shrubs in pots at my home in New York. I would like to know if i could just cut the bottom of the planter off and plant the shrub, still in the planter, in my yard. Just thought this would be a lot simpler than removing these large shrubs from the containers. Please let me know. Thank you.

Submitted by kathywie2002

Hi! Thanks for writing. Unfortunately, this is a shortcut you shouldn't take. Simply cutting off the bottom of the pot doesn't allow enough room for the roots to spread out, so eventually they'll girdle, or strangle, the plant as they try to grow out and down the bottom. 

That said, you can cut the plastic pots off with a sharp knife or saw --- that's often quicker and easier than trying to pull the plants out of their pots. ---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, 

Answered by CostaFarms