How do I grow herbs?

How do I grow herbs?? I tried before, and when I cut the herbs they die.. I use organic soil, and keep them watered.. But they turn brown and die.. I am asking specifically for basil and mint..

Submitted by ruckercynthia45

Hi! Thanks for writing. Without knowing more, I can't say why you're not having success. I can tell you that for success, most herbs need full sun (at least 6 hours of direct light a day) and well-drained soil. Take care not to overwater them; the soil surface should become dry to the touch before the next time you supply the plants with more moisture. Do you fertilize? If so, you might try scaling back, or not fertilizing at all. Too much fertilizer, especially if you already have rich soil, can do more harm than good. ---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, 

Answered by CostaFarms