are some Philodendron plants or trees? How to plant bulb in a container

I dug up a philodendron Deja Vu bulb while in Orlando FL.(I think that's the name) I live in VA. I want to plant this in a container is it possible? The roots are very long and the bulb looks like it's sprouting already. Its now in water waiting for me to re-pot. I'm just unsure how to re-pot it and which soil is best. Will it grow in Va and which is the best size container since the roots are so long?

Submitted by teepee51661



Thanks for writing! This tropical plant will do best in a general-purpose potting mix from your local garden center. You'll see soilless potting mixes under a variety of brand names; just about any of them should work just fine. Being a tropical plant, it will not survive the winter outdoors in your area, but you can grow it as a houseplant. Pot it up as you would any other plant --- once it's in soil and getting good light and warm temperatures, you'll find it grows rapidly. 


Answered by CostaFarms