Coneflowers falling over?

My coneflowers will not stand up, the yellow and black variety. I ususally let them in my garden for the birds in the winter but they are covering up other flowers, is it ok to cut them?

Submitted by sakbsnc

Hi! Thanks for writing. If your coneflowers (or black-eyed Susans, perhaps, if they're black and yellow?) are falling over, it is okay to cut them back. One common reason for the plants to topple over is that they're getting too much love --- if the soil is too moist or too rich (lots of fertilizer/compost/etc.), they put on a lot of soft, lush growth faster than they should. The soft, weak growth topples over easily. Remember, these plants are used to having to survive on the prairies --- they can take tough growing conditions. ---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, Better Homes and Gardens 

Answered by CostaFarms