Why aren't my tomatoes flowering?

I live in Colorado and my tomatoes aren't flowering this year. Any advice on how to get them to flower?

Submitted by skathy318


Thanks for writing! Without a little more information, I can't tell you definitively why your tomatoes aren't producting flowers. But common reasons may include:

  • Too much shade; tomatoes need lots of direct light to bloom and produce fruit 
  • Too much nitrogen-based fertilizer (it encourages the plant to put on lots of leafy growth at the expense of blooms)
  • The plant is getting established. If you've recently planted your tomato, it may take two or three weeks for the plant to "get settled" and bear flowers

If the plants start to form flowers but they drop off, it often means the plants are stressed from factors such as:

  • Too little water
  • Exended periods where temperatures areabove 75F at night or over 85F during the day
  • Low humidity (extended periods where relative humidity is below 35%)
  • Stress from attack by disease or insects

I hope this helps.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com  

Answered by CostaFarms