Moving a Hibiscus El Capitolio Rosa - Pruning & Distance to start digging

I have a hibiscus in my garden. We are about to knock down and rebuild so I need to move it. I think it might be a hibiscus el capitolio rosa, it is approx 3m high and just under 1m wide. Before I move it should I prune it back to say 1.5m? Also how far away from the base should I start digging? Thanks Olivia Manly Qld -

Submitted by livvyrankin

The larger the root ball that you dig, the better the chances for survival of your hibiscus. Dig as much as you (and perhaps some friends!) can move.

Pruning the shrub back severely would be a good idea. Because you'll be severing many of the roots, the root system won't be able to handle the full complement of branches.

Answered by DSchrock