Annabelle hydrangeas throwing balance off small front garden. Can I keep it at less than 3 feet and successfully bloom?

Annabelle hydrangea  Behind it is a evergreen hedge ~ 3 feet tall. 10 months later, successfully blooming but are almost 5 ft tall and are crouching onto impatiences in front. Very awkward looking in middle of other 2. This area gets full sun in afternoon. One, can I keep this plant shorter than 3 feet and successfully bloom or should I dig them up and move to another area that can tolerate the spread? HELP!

Submitted by lulublu88

Annabelle hydrangea can be pruned severely each spring or late winter and it will still bloom. But even with severe pruning the plant is likely to grow taller than 3 feet. It would seem that your best option is to transplant them to a different location.

Answered by DSchrock