why lawn getting dead spots?

we have always had a beautiful lawn, this year as starting to green up I told my husband something was not right. Underneath the green was dead grass and now we are getting bare spots. From far away it looks great but you walk over it and can see it. He mulches alot and doesnt get power rake in spring but does have it areated. I have seen other people that are having the same issue. Front is fine and one side of back. Help!! Can't afford to replant lawn.

Submitted by awsumgrandma

There are many diseases that can affect lawns. In order to diagnose which on this might be, a sample of the diseased area would be needed. YOu could take a sample of the browning area (not where it's totally brown, but rather at the edge of the brown spot, where it's just beginning to turn color) to your local CSU Cooperative Extension office (located at the Adams County Fairground) for diagnosis.

Answered by DSchrock