Why are the leaves on my Althea (Rose of Sharon) all yellow? Commerce, Georgia

Why are the leaves on my althea all yellow? I propogated it from a cutting and planted it outdoors last spring. This spring it came out of dormancy w/ bright green leaves. Now all leaves are yellow. It still flowers, but has not grown much (still only 10 inches tall). It went 2 weeks w/o watering. Now I've watered every day for 1 week but still yellow. I live in Commerce GA (zone 8), what can I do to revive this young plant?

Submitted by caastor

Althea, also known as rose of Sharon, is generally a tough plant with few pest problems. Because your plant is quite young and just getting established, it needs more care than established plants. If conditions were hot and dry, the plant may have become stressed, causing the leaves to turn yellow. Once a particular leaf turns color from stress, it normally won't regain its green pigment. However, new leaves that emerge could have normal green color. If all the leaves have turned yellow you may just have to wait for new growth to develop.

Answered by DSchrock