Can you help me turn my "blah" into a "beautiful" backyard?

My backyard is a mess. I have looked over many of the plans on the BHG web site, but nothing seems to fit my area. I have shade in the evenings but sun in the morning to mid afternoon. Could you please recommend some plants and some ideas for building an inviting back yard? I'm so tired of looking at a blah yard.

Submitted by boreske974555

A successful landscape plan takes into account the surroundings, site-specific conditions, and your preferences for plants, and the amount of maintenance that you like to do. That requires a site visit, which we're not able to do. However, you can use the advanced search option in our plant encyclopedia to come up with a list of plants that are hardy in your Zone and would grow in specific conditions. With that list in hand, you could consult with a local landscape designer or landscape architect.

Answered by DSchrock