How can I save my distressed gardenia plant?

Two months ago I bought two flowering healthy looking gardenias whose leaves are now turning black at the tips & edges & fall off at the lightest touch. They stopped flowering & have created only one new bud that fell off before opening. I live in Egypt & it's hot & dry, so I water & mist the plants often. Maybe too often? On the soil I have found teeny tiny silver bugs. I read gardenias are hard to keep. What can I do to turn things around?

Submitted by nadinem1981

Gardenias grow best in warm (but not hot) conditions with high humidity. Misting is at best a very temporary way to raise the humidity. If you place other plants around the gardenia or use a pebble tray filled with water (which will evaporate and raise the humidity in the area) you may have better luck at preventing the black leaves and leaf loss.

Answered by DSchrock