Can I still access old versions of garden plans that listed possible substitutions for plants? Or will you consider revisiting that feature?

I love your free garden plans and used them at my last house. They were beautiful! Now, a couple years later, I'm planning new gardens and have turned to BHG, but I'm disappointed in the new garden plans. The old versions used to have a list of plants you could substitute in case the plants in the original plan weren't a good fit. This was *so* helpful (especially in a limited zone). Is there any way to access the old versions of the plans with the substitutions? Thank you!

Submitted by josiecv



Thanks for your note. The old garden plans are still on the site --- we've only changed templates with the new ones. If you'd like help with substitutions on the new garden plans, feel free to ask here by submitting another question. We're always glad to help!

---Justin, Better Homes and Gardens  

Answered by CostaFarms