Advice on plants that grow in shade

My small apartment is totally in the shade but I really would like to have plants/garden. Advice on plants that grow in shady areas. Cheap would be nice as well

Submitted by livalil2208

Hi, You don't say if you are talking about growing plants indoors or out, but I'm going to assume you mean outdoors. In that case, you can grow many different annual and perennial flowers in the shade. Some easy annuals include impatiens, New Guinea impatiens, shade coleus, wax begonia, caladium, and begonia. For perennials you can grow ajuga, vinca, epimedium, hosta, pulmonaria, bleeding heart, and more. Check out the Plant Encyclopedia on this site. You can plug in your requirements and zone and it will give you a list of plants to focus on and planting instructions for each one. Oh, and if you did mean indoor plants consider: pothos, philodendron, Chinese evergreen, sanseveria, and peace lily.

Answered by doug.jimerson