How do I divide hostas?

I have some big hostas along my house and I want to divide them and plant some around a big tree in my front yard. How do I divide them and when is the best time to do it? Also, how far apart do I plant them from each other?

Submitted by amyamarie04

Hi, One of the nice things about hostas is that they can be divided at most any time, although early spring and fall are probably the best. Simply dig up the clump and use a sharp spade or knife to cut the mother plant up into sections. Then, replant as soon as possible. Spacing requirements vary depending on the size of hosta you have. Big hostas should be about 3 feet apart while the smaller ones can go as close as 12 inches. It truly depends on the mature size of the variety you are dividing. If you do end up dividing  hosta during hot weather (I don't recommend, but it still works) be sure to keep them moist for a week or two until they become established.

Answered by doug.jimerson