Can I plant a climbing rose vine three feet from a trumper vine?

Hello, I planted a trumpet vine last summer along side my fence , I planted it in front of a fence post so I can I can tie the trumpet vine to the fence post It is still a very young plant,I would like to train the trumpet vine to form a tree ,I would like to know how to train it to look like a tree? This week I planted a climbing rose fine about three feet from the trumpet vine ,Will the trumpet vine damage my climbing rose vine?

Submitted by me-meowmeow

Trumpet vines can spread and take over large areas. Eventually, it likely will overwhelm the climbing rose planted within 3 feet of it. It won't harm the plant other than creating shade for it and competing for nutrients and moisture.

To train the trumpet vine into a tree form, tie it to the post, as you suggest. Select one shoot to be the main trunk, and remove any side shoots as they develop. Over a period of a year or two, the main shoot will become woody and more trunklike.

Answered by DSchrock