what is the best way to arrange the plants i bought?

I am new to gardening. i have a 24x6 and 11x6 spaces, front and back of house, both up against house, that i want to landscape. i got excited and bought the following plants. What is the best way to arrange them? 5red gerbers, 2rust and 1pink hibiscus, 4 lorapetulum, 5 yaupon ilex, 6 helleri ilex, 4 hosta, 1 white mini gardenia, 1 windmill palm, 3 purple coneflower, 4 african daisies,30 impatiens, 4 white and 4 lavendar angelonias.

Submitted by lsparrow42

I'd suggest that you try placing the plants in their pots in various configurations until you find a combination that you like. Generally, plants will look better when planted in groupings or clusters rather than singly or in straight rows.

Answered by DSchrock