Strawberry plants with salty soil

I am a new gardener. I planted a small raised bed last year, and then again this year. I have some strawberry plants that came back from last year and they were full of berries. Then, I noticed something was eating them, and one evening I noticed slugs all over them. So I poured down some salt to deter the slugs. A few days later my plants are droopy and leaves are turning brown. I think I may have killed them. Is there anything I can do to save them?

Submitted by abigailkirkpatrick

As you have discovered strawberries are not particularly tolerant of salt. It may be too late to save these plants, but before you plant anything else in the area, leach the salt out by flushing the area with lots of water. If you do it right away, the berries may resprout and come back, but it's not likely that they will.

Answered by DSchrock