Are oenothera primrose invasive?

Is the oenothera primrose (glowing magenta) invasive like other primroses? I just bought a cluster of 5 to plant in the front of one of my perennial flower beds, loved the color and fact that they bloom all summer. I do not want them to take over my flower beds. I am terrified from reading others posts on different types of primroses that they will destroy my yard. I can't find much info about them being invasive or not online. Please help me! Emily (utah)

Submitted by Emilysnow30

In my experience Oenothera kunthiana Glowing Magenta is not at all invasive. Perhaps in other conditions in might become so, but because it is a compact grower, it's not nearly as likely to spread quickly as are some of the other pink oenotheras.

Answered by DSchrock