HELP!!! WHY IS THERE MOLD AROUND MY SEEDLINGS?!? (mostly annuals & some perennials, in case it matters--no veggies, except for a few ornamental kale)

I removed the plastic domes from the flats with taller seedlings, as I've read to do. But I see that 1 flat has what appears to be MOLD on top of the soil in each cell, some touching the stems… WHY IS THIS, & WHAT SHOULD I DO?!? (they SHOULD have plenty of circulation…??) Now I'm nervous about the rest of them; it's still several weeks til planting time—HOW SHOULD I CARE FOR THE SEEDLINGS ONCE THE DOMES COME OFF?!?

Submitted by shan_kat7

Keep the seedlings in the brightest light possible, and provide plenty of air circulation to prevent further mold development. It may be necessary to step the seedlings up to larger cell packs or individual pots to provide more space between individual plants.

Answered by DSchrock