What simple and cheap steps can I do to fix my lawn?

My lawn has more weeds then grass. Got grass seed in a mix for sun and shade. Here in Oklahoma it was very hot dry summer. Most of my lawn use to be Bermuda grass. Will perennial rye grow in this area? I believe ths area is zone 6. Also, gotten some clumps of bermuda from a friends yard that I'm trying to keep them watered. Can not dig to make the a true plug for my yard. Please advise, as I need cheap and easy. Brenda

Oklahoma is in what's called the Transition Zone. That means that the climate there is not completely suitable to either cool-season or warm-season grasses. Of the cool-season grasses, fescue is the one that is most likely to survive. Perennial rye is not a good choice for your region. Of the warm season grasses, bermuda and zoysia are both fairly well-suited to your locale. Buffalograss would be another option.

As you note, if excess shade is involved, no grass will grow well. A shade-tolerant groundcover might be a better option.

Answered by DSchrock