What do I do about frost bitten crepe myrtle and rose of sharon?

We had a couple of nights of frost and low temps...I didn't get to cover my rose of sharon or my crepe mrytles they are only about 2 ft. tall but anyways all the leaves of coarse are brown, what do I need to do now to help them recover? They were starting to get really pretty and full. I was so proud they had a slow start now this. Please help. laurensnana@comcast.net Thanks Treasa

Submitted by laurensnana

I feel your pain! I had dozens of plants damaged by frost in my yard this last week, too. Surprisingly the crape myrtles came through OK, but the leaves on my rose of Sharons were completely frozen back. It's usually best to take a wait-and-see approach to freeze damage. With luck, the shrub will send out a new batch of leaves within a few weeks. I've had some instances where it took the plant more than 2 months to releaf, but it did by midsummer. Because the plants have been stressed by the freeze, make certain that they suffer no moisture stress this growing season. Hold off on any fertilizer, though. That's more likely to push lush top growth at the expense of strong root development.

Answered by DSchrock