I have an overgrown perenial garden. How do I start over besides rounduping the whole thing?

Submitted by patty5213

You can dig and divide the existing perennials. As you dig, remove and get rid of any weeds.

Answered by DSchrock
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I am aware of two garden clubs in our area. Each spring, members dig, divide and pot their perennials. Each perennial is then identified with a Popsicle stick marker and sold at their annual spring flower sale. I have acquired some great perennials this way at an affordable fair price. Monies that are made help the garden club with their continuing activities. It is a win-win situation. I am not even a member but was able to move some of my perennials on to them for their sale.
Submitted by quixote414

Have a garden party! Invite some flower savvy friends to help pull weeds and divide perennials. This way your beds will be minimized and your friends can share the divides! I love having a 'can you dig it?' party :)
Submitted by MinettoMomma

You don't have to start over ,but you do have to spend some time trimming things back. It beats replanting. Pull whats overgrown around your favorites. While your doing that take hands full (color if you like) of mulch to fill in where you pulled. It will help keep the weeds from growing back while adding a new look
Submitted by markski123

If you're like me, you put in a perennial garden so you wouldn't have to mess with it every year. But, besides getting rid of weeds, another great side-effect of occasionally biting the bullet and digging things up is the ability to share your favorite plants. At least half of my perennials were free - plants that friends had already proven would do well in our area and could tell me all about.
Submitted by kwinger81